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"In the last 10 years I have had more than a $1,000,000 of boats shipped in and out of my two marinas and this company is one of the fastest ones I have ever had and they are real professionals. Thank you."

"THIS IS PROFESSIONALISM AT ITS BEST! From the initial contact to the delivery everything went extremely smooth and as promised. Mike, the driver, took care of my 67 year old baby as if she was his own. Transporting wooden boats is an art and he was a master taking necessary time and care while loading and unloading. He even gave me a few pointers for proper blocking and resetting, during restoration, that I can really use. Great People! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED."
- William Rum

"My boat, on the highway - with any other driver behind the wheel, I would have been terrified, but after seeing how much care Mike took in loading my new boat, I was at ease. I watched the entire loading and unloading process, partly out of fear and partly out of curiosity. By the time the trip was over, the fear was gone! Like another customer said, this really is professionalism at it's best. Mike even let me know about an issue with my rudder! Bob always answers questions fast and polite. A+"

"Thanks Bob, it was a pleasure having to work with you. All questions were answered in timely fashion, great communication on day of move, your the man. Have Bob move your next boat, you wont be dissapointed. Thanks again Bob."

"Everything went great with the shipping, no problems at all. If we ever to ship the boat again we will call you, Thanks Bob."
- Dave Klade

"They were very good. They kept in touch and gave me updates as to the status of picking up and delivery of the boat. The driver was very helpful unloading the boat. I would recommend them to anyone. Very pleased."

"Certified Sales is an a-one company. They have the equipment and the know how to make what was a difficult move very easy. My boat was over sized and heavy (27 tons!). From load to set up I couldn't have been more pleased. The cost was reasonable and they got the job done quickly and efficiently. I will definately use them again."
- Rob Levine

"Bob was our transporter and was he GREAT! He called with details and times of delivery. He got our boat right in our driveway where we wanted it. He put all the blocks, jacks under as well. Cant wait to transport a boat again with him! He got the boat here faster than we had planned as well, 2 days early!!! Thanks Bob for the great transaction."
- Cindy Muray, Greensboro NC

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19 Uxbridge Road, Mendon, MA 01756     •     508.478.0200
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